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Reasons that Makes us the Best Online Bookstore- Boookart.com

Posted on January 30th, 2020 10:47 AM
best online bookstore for students

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Boookart is an online bookstore for the aspirants of competitive exams especially. It comes along with afore-mentioned positive attributes so that they can make Boookart unique from the other online bookstores across the country. Being one of the largest bookstores in India, it possesses the following attributes and operational abilities that you’ll always like and wish to find on your favourite online bookstore-

  • On-time delivery
  • Easy return & refund
  • Affordable prices
  • Jaw-dropping deals
  • Easy tracking options

On-time delivery

On-time delivery is our priority and was in the top of our ‘To-do’ list before launching the boookart as a full-time online venture. 

We understand the value and worth that any business gets after delivering the product on time or before. However, the nation-wide delivery sometimes becomes a challenge for us, but we make sure it doesn’t take more than a week to reach you irrespective of any corner you live in India.

Easy return & refund policy

Easy return & refund policy
is one of our dedicated policies as competitive books and examinations are a subject to be exchanged and returned if not found suitable and adequate with the data available in them. 

Hence, we have a sound return and refund policy of accepting the return or refund request within 2 days of the product received with certain terms & conditions. This easy return & refund system would help the aspirant utilize the money in the case of any inappropriate service provided by us. 

However, verification of the reason for return and refund before the process would be done. 

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices
is the reason why BOOOKART is known for. Selling all the books at attractive discounted prices and allowing Students and aspirants to explore the entire bookstore online is the reason why we get our acquaintance by allowing them to leave a demand or request of the desired book if they don’t find it available online.

We make sure that the book reaches the customer within 10 days of the demand submission and that brings us a unique recognition as the best online bookstore of India.

Jaw-dropping deals

Jaw-dropping deals
are not just a way to market our online bookstore but is also a help for deserving and incapable aspirants according to Boookart.

The deals come and go every fortnight with the maximum synchronization with recent and upcoming examinations so that the value and worth of that deal would get doubled.

Easy tracking facility

You’ll get the Easy tracking facility for your ordered book so that you can keep yourself aware of where your order has reached and estimate the delivery time according to your daily schedule. 
Even the door-to-door delivery person would be notified to you with all the basic details required for direct and easy communication.


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