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Pinnacle SSC Exam books

Pinnacle SSC Exam books


Welcome to the 6th Edition of Pinnacle Publication's SSC Chapterwise Book Series! Designed exclusively for SSC exam aspirants, this comprehensive collection offers specialized resources to ace the SSC English, Reasoning, General Studies, and Maths sections.

  1. SSC English 7600+ TCS MCQ Chapterwise 6th Edition: Dive into a vast repository of over 7600 multiple-choice questions meticulously curated to strengthen your English language skills. Available in both Hindi and English editions, this book ensures thorough preparation for SSC English exams.

  2. SSC Reasoning 7200 TCS MCQ Chapterwise 6th Edition: Sharpen your logical reasoning abilities with our extensive collection of 7200 chapterwise multiple-choice questions. Whether you prefer Hindi or English, this edition equips you with the tools needed to excel in the SSC Reasoning section.

  3. SSC General Studies 6500+ TCS MCQ Both Language: Explore the breadth of general knowledge topics with over 6500 meticulously crafted multiple-choice questions. Available in both Hindi and English languages, this edition empowers you to tackle the SSC General Studies section with confidence.

  4. SSC Maths 6800+ TCS MCQ 6th Edition: Strengthen your mathematical prowess with our comprehensive compilation of over 6800 chapterwise multiple-choice questions. Choose between Hindi or English editions to prepare effectively for the SSC Maths section.

Each book in our 6th Edition series is meticulously structured to align with the SSC exam syllabus, offering a systematic approach to mastering key concepts. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Pinnacle Publication's SSC Chapterwise Book Series is your ultimate companion on the journey to SSC exam success. Get ready to conquer your goals and secure a bright future in the civil services arena!